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segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

"Quantas palavras joguei fora

Pensando ser insanidade!
Se multiplicadas pela verdade
Me dariam respostas que perdi,
Acordariam-me de pesadelos que vivi,
Despertariam-me num belo sonho de outrora...

quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012

Fare Thee Well

Fare thee well, just for today
Tomorrow I’m sure to need you again
Fare thee well because I cannot live
Without being , without giving
All that I was once to you;
And before the goodbyes
Behind the desolation of my dead eyes
I dare you to say that everything’s gone
I doubt you to stop this merry-go-round
Putting all the feelings through your bones
Burying the memories into the ground
It’s a farewell, don’t deny me
We both know what we cannot see
Fare thee well – for ever, no need!
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